A study on the measurement method of effect for healthcaresafety education

Takeyuki Goto*, Masahiko Munechika, Chisato Kajihara

*Corresponding author for this work

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


    Medical technology has been consistently improving in recent years. With that, people are more concerned with medial safety and its quality. In medical service provided by hospitals, quality is greatly influenced by human knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is fundamental to improve these factors. Actually, at many hospitals, medical safety education is provided to employees. To conduct more efficient education, the effectiveness of the education must be evaluated, and the specific contents must be revised after its administration. It is said that effects of an education can be evaluated in terms of learning (knowledge and skill) and the degree of behavior modification and results. In evaluation, we should begin by evaluating learning, and then move to behavior and results. However, the methodology for measuring these has not been established. In this study, we analyzed the long-term findings in a hospital and implemented an evaluation model for medical safety education. Further, we designed the effectiveness measurement tool based on that model. We then propose a method for measuring the effects of health-care safety education. Using this method, medical workers can evaluate students' learning free of bias and extensive work after providing education. In addition, they can review the contents of education and provide sufficient feedback on the test results to students.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationTheory and Practice of Quality and Reliability Engineering in Asia Industry
    PublisherSpringer Singapore
    Number of pages16
    ISBN (Electronic)9789811032905
    ISBN (Print)9789811032882
    Publication statusPublished - 2017 Jan 1


    • Behavior modification
    • Educational evaluation
    • Health-care safety
    • Knowledge
    • Skill

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