Carbazole peripheral poly(benzyl ether) dendrimers at the air-water interface: Electrochemical cross-linking and electronanopatterning

Jin Young Park, Ramakrishna Ponnapati, Prasad Taranekar, Rigoberto C. Advincula

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A Langmuir film of a third-generation carbazole-terminated poly(benzyl ether) (G3-CtPBE) dendrimer was investigated at the air-water interface. Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films were deposited on gold substrates and investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM), followed by electrochemical and electronanopatterning studies. For the G3-CtPBE dendrimer aggregates, variable concentration and surface pressure gave control over aggregate size and shape at the air-water interface. At a lower concentration C1, aggregate-spherical nanoparticles were observed with a face-on or overlapped orientation with increasing surface pressure. However, at a higher concentration C2, their surface morphologies exhibited circular and rod-shaped aggregates with respect to increasing surface pressure attributed to an edge-on configurational change. Moreover, in situ simultaneous interfacial potentiostatic electrodeposition with LB transfer at the air-water interface was employed for the first time with the G3-CtPBE dendrimers onto a hydrophilic surface under constant voltage (i.e., close to the oxidation potential of G3-CtPBE for electrochemical cross-linking). Electrochemical cross-linking on G3-CtPBE dendrimer LB films was also performed ex situ to investigate electrochemical and optical properties. Finally, as an application of a cross-linkable LB film, electronanolithography was carried out to prepare nanopatterns using the current sensing atomic force microscopy (CS-AFM) technique.

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Publication statusPublished - 2010 May 4
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