Eolian Quartz Flux to Lake Biwa, Central Japan, over the Past 145,000 Years

Jule Xiao*, Yoshio Inouchi, Hisao Kumai, Shusaku Yoshikawa, Yoichi Kondo, Tungsheng Liu, Zhisheng An

*Corresponding author for this work

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Eolian quartz flux (EQF, g cm-2 (103 yr)-1) to Lake Biwa, central Japan, provides direct information on variations of the East Asian winter monsoon. Lake Biwa sediments spanning the past ca. 145,000 yr are characterized by two main periods when EQF values were significantly greater than 5.50 g cm-2 (103 yr)-1, and two main intervals during which EQF values were lower. Two periods with EQF values >5.50 g cm-2 (103 yr)-1 occurred from ca. 145,000 to 125,000 and 73,000 to 13,000 yr B.P., while times of lower EQF values occurred from ca. 125,000 to 73,000 yr B.P. and around ca. 5500 yr B.P. Between ca. 125,000 and 73,000 yr B.P., three minimum EQF values and two intervening peaks of slightly higher EQF values are recorded. EQF increased markedly from ca. 73,000 to 13,000 yr B.P., whereas between ca. 53,000 and 20,000 yr B.P. the values recorded were relatively lower than those recorded during either the preceding or the subsequent episodes. The data imply that the East Asian winter monsoon strengthened during the periods when EQF values were high, and weakened during the intervals with low EQF values. The EQF record of Lake Biwa can be correlated with the grain-size record of the quartz fraction in Chinese loess and with the SPECMAP marine δ18O record. However, the EQF record apparently lags ca. 5000 yr behind the loess and δ18O records during stage 6/5 and 2/1 transitions and ca. 10,000 yr during stage 5/4 transition. These apparent lags could be due to problems with the chronology; alternatively, they may imply that the eolian quartz flux depended more on the extent of dust source regions than on wind intensity during these transitions.

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JournalQuaternary Research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1997 Jul
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