Inbition of steroidogenic response to corticotropin in mouse adrenal tumor cells (Y-1 by the ionophore A23187 Role of protein biosynthesis

Masahisa Nakamura*, Peter F. Hall

*Corresponding author for this work

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Addition of the ionophore A123187 to Y-1 mouse adrenal tumor cells in monolayer culture inhibits steroidogenesis and the steroidogenic response to corticotropin (50% inhibition at 1 · 10-7 M). inhibition is rapid in onset and is not overcome by addition of external Ca2+. The ionophore also inhibits stimulation of steroid synthesis by cyclic AMP. A23187 inhibits incorporation of the amino acid lysine into protein by Y-1 cells and the dose dependence of this inhibition closely resembles that of the inhibition of the steroidogenic response to corticotropin. Addition of A23187 to a subcellular system for protein synthesis prepared from Y-1 cells, inhibits incorporation of the amino acid phenylalanine into protein and this effects and this effect is not overcome by high concentrations of Ca2+. The inhibitory effect of A23187 on the response to corticotropin, like that response itself, takes place at some part of steriod synthesis after entry of cholesteriol into the cells and before the side-chain cleavage of cholesterol. These studies confirm the importance of protein synthesis in the response to corticotropin and demonstrate that the effect of protein synthesized under the influence of corticotropin is exerted at some point in the events which bring substrate (cholesterol) to the mitochondrial side-chain cleavage enzyme system. It is also shown that A23187 inhibits protein synthesis, and hence the response to corticotropin, by a mechanism which is independent of the concentration of available Ca2+.

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