MAGIC and multi-wavelength observations of the radio galaxy NGC 1275


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The massive radio galaxy NGC 1275 at the center of the Perseus cluster is regularly observed with the MAGIC telescopes since 2009. The observation campaign (in stereoscopic mode) between August 2010 and February 2011 leads to the first detection of the source in very high energy (VHE, >100 GeV) γ rays. NGC 1275 is one of the few non-Blazar AGNs detected in this domain which is highly dominated by BL Lac objects. The proximity and the relatively large angle between the jet axis and the line of sight allow to resolve inner-jet structures with radio interferometry and to test non-thermal emission model for larger viewing angles. NGC 1275 is then a good laboratory to locate the γ -ray emission region and understand acceleration process at work in AGNs. Here we present the long term monitoring of NGC 1275 with MAGIC as well as with Fermi-LAT (in GeV band), KVA (optical) and VLBA (15 GHz). The multiwavelength lightcurves show a correlation between γ - ray, optical and a radio component of the inner-jet. We reconstructed the broad band spectral energy distributions (SED) of the source during two separated MAGIC campaigns which both lead to the detection of NGC 1275 in VHE. We applied a one-zone Synchrotron Self Compton model with a small Doppler factor (2) which can fit the SEDs and reproduces the optical/gamma correlation. Finally, we will discuss the validity of this simple model and the implication of our results for the AGN physics.

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Title of host publicationProceedings of the 33rd International Cosmic Rays Conference, ICRC 2013
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Publication statusPublished - 2013
Event33rd International Cosmic Rays Conference, ICRC 2013 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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NameProceedings of the 33rd International Cosmic Rays Conference, ICRC 2013


Other33rd International Cosmic Rays Conference, ICRC 2013
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