Mechanical design of emotion expression humanoid robot we-4rii

Kazuko Itoh, Hiroyasu Miwa, Massimiliano Zecca, Hideaki Takanobu, Stefano Roccella, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Paolo Dario, Atsuo Takanishi

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A Personal Robot is expected to become popular in the future. It is required to be active in joint work and community life with humans. Therefore, we have been developing new mechanisms and functions for a humanoid robot that can express emotions and communicate naturally with humans. In this paper, we present the mechanical design of the Emotion Expression Humanoid Robot WE-4RII, which was developed by integrating the Humanoid Robot Hands RCH-1 into the previous version WE-4R. The robot has four of the five human senses for detecting external stimuli: Visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory, and 59-DOFs for expressing motion and emotions. It is capable of expressing seven basic emotional patterns.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, Courses and Lectures
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Publication statusPublished - 2006

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  • Average Recognition Rate
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Facial Expression
  • Humanoid Robot
  • Recognition Rate

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