The Influence of Orthography on Speech Production: Evidence From Masked Priming in Word-Naming and Picture-Naming Tasks

Masahiro Yoshihara*, Mariko Nakayama, Rinus G. Verdonschot, Yasushi Hino

*Corresponding author for this work

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In a masked priming word-naming task, a facilitation due to the initial-segmental sound overlap for 2-character kanji prime-target pairs was affected by certain orthographic properties (Yoshihara, Nakayama, Verdonschot, & Hino, 2017). That is, the facilitation that was due to the initial mora overlap occurred only when the mora was the whole pronunciation of their initial kanji characters (i.e., match pairs; e.g., / When the shared initial mora was only a part of the kanji characters' readings, however, there was no facilitation (i.e., mismatch pairs; e.g.,/ha.tu-a.N/-/ha.ku-bu.tu/). In the present study, we used a masked priming picture-naming task to investigate whether the previous results were relevant only when the orthography of targets is visually presented. InExperiment 1, the main findings of our word-naming task were fully replicated in a picture-naming task. In Experiments 2 and 3, the absence of facilitation for the mismatch pairs were confirmed with a new set of stimuli. On the other hand, a significant facilitation was observed for the match pairs that shared the 2 initial morae (in Experiment 4), which was again consistent with the results of our word-naming study. These results suggest that the orthographic properties constrain the phonological expression of masked priming for kanji words across 2 tasks that are likely to differ in how phonology is retrieved. Specifically, we propose that orthography of a word is activated online and constrains the phonological encoding processes in these tasks.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2020
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  • Kanji
  • Masked priming effect
  • Orthography
  • Picture-naming tasks
  • Word-naming tasks

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