A 3 Jy radio burst at a high galactic latitude

K. Niinuma*, K. Asuma, M. Kuniyoshi, N. Matsumura, K. Takefuji, S. Kida, A. Takeuchi, R. Nakamura, T. Tanaka, S. Suzuki, T. Daishido


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    A radio burst lasting up to 72 hr at a high Galactic latitude was detected by interferometric drift-scanning observation using an eight-element, 20 m diameter fixed spherical dish array at the Waseda Nasu Pulsar Observatory in Japan. Transient fringes of this radio burst, WJN J1443+3439, were observed at 19:39:01 UT on 2005 February 13 and at 19:35:05 UT on 2005 February 14, at α = 14h43m22.0s ± 10.0 s, δ = 34°39′ ± 0.4° (J2000.0) (l = 56°55′, b = 64°57′). The flux density was 1.5 Jy on February 13, whereas it was 3.0 Jy on February 14. Within the error box, a few possible counterparts at other wavelengths (two X-ray sources and two gamma-ray sources) were considered. One of the X-ray sources, 1WGA J1443.4+3450, is in an unidentified class.

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