A 60-GHz point-to-multipoint millimeter-wave fiber-radio communication system

Sung Tae Choi*, Ki Seok Yang, Seiji Nishi, Satoru Shimizu, Kiyohito Tokuda, Yong Hoon Kim


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A 60-GHz point-to-multipoint wireless access link with data rate of 156 Mb/s incorporating 60-GHz transceiver modules and full-duplex fiber-optic millimeter-wave transmission is developed for short-range applications such as indoor wire-less local area networks and intelligent transport systems. For compact system configuration, a small-size millimeter-wave transceiver module with planar antennas is developed. The transceiver module is based on broadband planar integration and packaging of millimeter-wave circuits. The RF output power is +10 dBm and the measured 3-dB antenna beamwidth is 30°. The total size of the developed 60-GHz transceiver module, except input and output connectors, is 50 mm × 75 mm × 35 mm. A point-to-point full duplex fiber-optic configuration is extended to the scheme with multiple access points (APs) by using a tree coupler and a dense wavelength division multiplexing multiplexer. The AP has a simple configuration without frequency conversion. The bit error rate and packet error rate performances of the 60-GHz fiber-radio access link are evaluated. Furthermore, the effect of the extension to the scheme with multiple APs is investigated.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 5月

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