A case report of resected ectopic malignant meningioma with lung metastasis

Kotaro Murakami*, Hidenobu Takahashi, Tomokazu Omori, Osamu Uchida, Hiroshi Hirano, Norihiko Kawate, Norihiko Ikeda


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Introduction:Meningioma is mostly a benign tumor, but sometimes it is malignant, and there have been reports of distant metastases.Patient concerns:The patient, a woman in her 40s, was under follow-up after resection of an ectopic malignant meningioma originating in the left axilla. She was referred to our department because of a nodule shadow in the right lung on chest computed tomography (CT) 3 years and 5 months postoperatively.Diagnosis:Chest CT showed a 1.0 cm nodule shadow in the right S4, which was positive on positron emission tomography-CT; no abnormality was found in any other organ. Therefore, it was considered to be a metastatic lung tumor.Interventions:Right middle lobe partial resection was performed using thoracoscopic surgery, and a diagnosis of pulmonary metastasis of ectopic malignant meningioma was made by histopathology and immunohistochemistry.Outcomes:In this case, complete resection was possible.Conclusion:Meningioma occurs mainly in the cranium, and occurrence in the soft tissue of the extremities is extremely rare. To our knowledge, ours is the first report of a histologically malignant ectopic meningioma with metastasis to the thoracic cavity.

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