A Displacement Estimated Method for Real Time Tissue Ultrasound Elastography

Hong an Li, Min Zhang, Keping Yu*, Xin Qi, Jianfeng Tong


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As an important means of medical imaging, elastic imaging is an indispensable part of mobile telemedicine. Ultrasound elastography has become a research hotspot because it can accurately measure soft tissue lesions. Displacement estimation is the most important step in ultrasound elastography. At present, the phase zero search method is an accurate and fast displacement estimation method. However, when the displacement exceeds 1/4 wavelength, it is invalid. The accuracy of block matching method is not high, but it is suitable for large displacement, so it can overcome this shortcoming. It is worth noting that the quality-guided block matching method has good robustness under complex mutation conditions. It can provide prior knowledge to increase the robustness of the phase-zero search under large displacement conditions. So we propose a novel displacement estimation method for real time tissue ultrasound elastography, which combines the quality-guided block matching method and the phase-zero search method. The experimental results show that this method is more accurate, faster and robust than other displacement estimation methods.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021 10月

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