A natural smile synthesis from an artificial smile

Hiroki Fujishiro*, Takanori Suzuk, Shinya Nakano, Akinobu Mejima, Shigeo Morishima


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Everyone is interested in being more attractive. Leyvand et al have been proposed the method which can enhances of facial attractiveness into a photograph [Leyvand et al. 2008]. However, their method can't synthesize more attractive facial expression than that of an input face photograph. Meanwhile, amateur subjects' facial expressions often become unnatural when they act in front of the camera in experimental environments. At such a situation, a natural expression can be synthesized without performance skills.

出版ステータスPublished - 2009 12月 1
イベントSIGGRAPH 2009: Posters, SIGGRAPH '09 - New Orleans, LA, United States
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ConferenceSIGGRAPH 2009: Posters, SIGGRAPH '09
国/地域United States
CityNew Orleans, LA

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