A novel four single-sideband M-QAM modulation scheme using a shadow equalizer for mimo system toward 5G communications

Mohammed Mustafa Alhasani*, Quang Ngoc Nguyen, Gen Ichiro Ohta, Takuro Sato


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Single-sideband (SSB) modulation through Hilbert transformation has successfully transmitted data using only half the bandwidth of the traditional scheme for the same amount of contained information. Toward this end, the four single-sideband (4-SSB) approach for high order modulation is a promising approach for the next-generation communications by applying soft-input soft-output (SISO) equalizer algorithms over orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). However, OFDM is challenging for realizing the feasible 5G communications, compared to the emerging techniques, e.g., non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), orthogonal multiple access (OMA) or multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO). Since the 4-SSB is an orthogonal modulation which was successfully applied over the traditional OFDM, in this article, we propose a novel 4-SSB modulation scheme over OFDM Guard Interval (GI) and massive MIMO. Besides the carrier signal, from the receiver side, we also apply the shadow equalizer algorithm in the uncoded and coded environment using turbo codes to achieve the 4-SSB with high efficiency from low complexity and energy consumption for 5G. The evaluation results validate that our system consumes lower energy due to low complexity gained from same number of iterations without the heavy decoding as of the 4-SSB SISO based on the turbo equalizer. In addition, the 4-SSB over the OFDM GI achieves the best performance among the relevant approaches conducted in 4-SSB. The proposal then acts as a practical communication system designed to solve the inter-symbol interference (ISI) induced by additional Hilbert transform in the wireless environment toward fifth generation (5G), given that turbo code is considered as a potential channel coding scheme for 5G radio specification.

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