A Rough Sets Approach to Human Resource Development in IT Corporations

Shinya Imai, Junzo Watada

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    In IT corporations, it is essential to increase competitive advantages and organizational performance. Employees are critical to a company's success. A new research method is needed to quantify employees' influence on building relationships with customers and to facilitate human resource and customer relationship management. Rough sets theory is a mathematical approach to dealing with vagueness and uncertainty. It can change a qualitative problem into a quantitative one and produce a possible solution by providing useful and valuable information and guidelines for decision making. The objective of this study is to determine through the use of analysis analyzed with rough employee characteristics and behaviors that yield positive or negative relationships with customers. The rough set approach distinguishes between these two groups and leads us to suggest policies to improve human resource and customer relationship management and development. The proper management of employees and customers will ensure project success and good corporate performance. Quality is an attribute that is important for products as well as for management and the company itself. The development and promotion of personnel resources is indispensable for improving the quality of a company's management. Management quality is closely related to corporate culture and a sense of social responsibility. Therefore, personnel resource development and personnel training for employees should be emphasized. In the main discussion of this paper, information was gathered from engineers at a regional IT company through questionnaires and their observable talents were analyzed. The research addressed questions such as what kinds of values should be promoted. An attempt was made to clarify the relation between QWL (Quality of Working Life) and personnel training. This paper suggests that the management quality and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of regional companies is closely related with the quality and improvement of their growth.

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