A study of quantification method for important factors based on customer loyalty structure diagram

Kenta Mikawa*, Tadayuki Masui, Masayuki Goto


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Recently, it is said building customer loyalty is effective to keep the relationship between customers and companies developing. However due to this relationship's complex characteristics, there are few ways to strengthen loyalty. Consequently, it is important for company markets to grasp and calculate the important factors of customer loyalty. In order to analyze complex customer characteristics or their loyalty, one needs to analyze not only data from questionnaires, but also free-format text data. This is because the respondent can answer their opinion freely, so the collection of more information and the finding of new opinions can be expected. Recently, due to the development of information technology, people can obtain or store enormous amounts of such customer data easily. This research analyzes this free-format text data by using morphological analysis, one of the methods of natural language processing. Using this result, we have reconstructed the customer loyalty structure diagram, by using a method of analyzing customer loyalty, which was proposed by previous research. In addition to evaluating the important index of customer loyalty, we propose a method of calculation using the customer loyalty structure diagram. Moreover, this research is aiming for the evaluation of the difference between strongly satisfied and unsatisfied customers. We also investigate the difference of characteristics between product categories. From those results, corporate marketers can know what the key factors of customer loyalty are important and make a strategy to get excellent customers.

ジャーナルJournal of Japan Industrial Management Association
出版ステータスPublished - 2008

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