A study on ease and unease of enteriing to location o of shops based on recall method: A study on the evaluation structure of "ease and unease of entering" in location of shops

Kyoko Yamamoto, Hiromi Itami, Takaya Kojima

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The ease of entering and staying for the commercial facilities are important management as well as the quality of goods and services The user determines the unease of entering and staying from the type and characteristics, own experience, heve decided to shop. In architecture studies, case studies on "ease of entering" are often reported. Many of the research, it is an object to obtain the effect of prediction equations or physical quantity the ease of entering as objective variable psychological evaluation and the environment physical quantity of the shop as explanatory variable. However different the "unease of entering" in different circumstances. That different evaluation structure, it is considered that it is not possible to represent the "unease of entering" simple single prediction equation unless incorporate functional form for expressing this difference. In this study, the purpose of classify a variety of variations which unease of entering or staying by using recall method. We investigate the kind of variations and concrete contents and frame about the methodology. First, as a preliminary survey of interview, we interviewed a university student and investigate the reason, feel the location, and experience which "unease of entering or staying". Second we do a questionnaire survey that was created on the basis of the preliminary survey. "unease of entering or staying" location somewhere 30 items, it is we get to select what was the experience from 16 items (multiple answers). Moreover, with whom in its place, in any situation, whether feel "unease of entering or staying" for any reason and get free description answer. The analysis, "unease of entering or staying", experience, with whom, situation, it was applied to quantify III such a reason as item category type or 0-1 type variable. Up to three dimensions are adopted to implement the cluster analysis by the k-means method using the sample scores for up to three dimensions, to obtain seven clusters "noisy", "too fashionable," "friendly couple and family", "women often (man)," "men often (woman)," " It is difficult to approach, and a price is high " and "no feature". As a result of classify variations is feeling and the situation have a variation which unease of entering or staying. Men and women both as dislike the place with a lot of opposite sexes, is the opposite sex of the line of sight is causing "unease of entering or staying". Men is an evaluation element clientele, women are an evaluation element prices and dignity. According to "the difference that unease of entering and staying", the cluster composition ratio of both resembles it generally. It may be said that this supports consideration that "unease of staying" to foreknowledge after having entered causes "unease of entering ". "Unease of entering " grasped by investigation into this recall method is a result to suggest that "unease of staying" to foreknowledge mainly. From this fact, it is a result that "uncomfortable" "dislike" "not at home" forms factor which unease of entering or staying. "Uncomfortable" is feel difficulty in being here in an inexperienced place. "Dislike" is the price of the shop and the atmosphere don't fit myself, I feel difficulty in being here. "Not at home" is ashamed by being worried about the public eye, and feel it lonely by comparing oneself with the others. As for such a case, TPO has become a disincentive of before entering and unease of staying. Recall method is able to obtain obstructive factors of before entering and predict staying after entering.

ジャーナルJournal of Environmental Engineering (Japan)
出版ステータスPublished - 2016 1月

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