Accurate system for automatic pill recognition using imprint information

Jiye Yu, Zhiyuan Chen, Sei ichiro Kamata, Jie Yang*


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With rapidly advancing of contemporary medicine, it is necessary to help people identify various kinds of pills to prevent the adverse pill events. In this study, a high-accuracy automatic pill recognition system is proposed for accurate and automatic pill recognition. As pill imprint is main distinction between different pills, this system proposes algorithms on both imprint extraction and description parts to make use of imprint information. First, proposed modified stroke width transform is adopted to extract the imprint by detecting coherent strokes of imprint on the pill. Moreover, image segmentation by Loopy belief propagation is also added on printed imprint pills to solve the incoherent and coarse stroke problem. Second, a new descriptor named two-step sampling distance sets is proposed for accurate imprint description and successfully cut down the noise on extracted imprint. This strategy is based on the imprint partition - partitions the imprint on the basis of separated strokes, fragments and noise points. Recognition experiments are applied on extensive databases and result shows 90.46% rank-1 matching accuracy and 97.16% on top five ranks when classifying 12 500 query pill images into 2500 categories.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2015 12月 1

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