Acute effect of oral water intake during exercise on post-exercise hypotension

M. Y. Endo, C. Kajimoto, M. Yamada, A. Miura, N. Hayashi, S. Koga, Y. Fukuba*


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Background/objectives:Post-exercise hypotension (PEH) is a sustained reduction in mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) after prolonged exercise. As water drinking is known to elicit a large acute pressor response, we aimed to explore the effect of drinking water during exercise on PEH.Subjects/methods:Ten normotensive male volunteers performed the control protocol: 30 min supine rest, 60 min cycling exercise in moderate intensity, and 60 min supine rest recovery. In the water drinking protocol, the same procedure was followed but with water intake during exercise to compensate for exercise-induced body weight lost. Heart rate, MAP, cardiac output and blood flow in the brachial artery were measured pre- and post-exercise. The total vascular conductance (TVC) and the vascular conductance (VC) in the brachial artery were calculated pre- and post-exercise, and the relative change in plasma volume (ΔPV) was also measured.Results:Body weight loss during exercise was 0.65±0.24 kg in the control. ΔPV was not different during recovery in either protocol. MAP in the control was significantly reduced during the latter half of the recovery compared with baseline. In contrast, MAP in the water drinking showed no reduction during recovery, and was significantly higher than in the control. TVC and VC in the brachial artery were lower in the water drinking, in which vasoconstriction was relatively exaggerated.Conclusions:Prevention of dehydration after exercise by oral water intake, or oral water intake per se has a role in maintaining post-exercise MAP and it may be related to reduction in TVC.

ジャーナルEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutrition
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 11月

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