Almost fully secured lattice-based group signatures with verifier-local revocation

Maharage Nisansala Sevwandi Perera*, Takeshi Koshiba


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An efficient member revocation mechanism is a desirable feature when group signature schemes are applied in practical scenarios. Revocation methods, such as verifier-local revocation (VLR), provide an efficient member revocation in applications of group signatures. However, VLR-group signatures rely on a weaker security notion. On the other hand, group signature schemes for static groups gain stronger security with the full-anonymity security notion. Even though an outsider sees the secret signing keys of all group members in the full-anonymity, the signer is still anonymous. Achieving the full-anonymity for VLR group signature schemes is challenging due to the structure of secret signing keys. The secret signing keys of those schemes consist of tokens, which are used to manage revocation. The reveal of tokens may destroy the anonymity of the signers. We obtain stronger security for the lattice-based VLR group signature schemes by providing a new key generation method, which outputs revocation tokens without deriving from the members’ secret signing keys. We propose a new group signature scheme from lattices with VLR, which achieves stronger security than the previous related works. To avoid signature forgeries, we suggest a new zero-knowledge proof system that requires signers to validate themselves. Moreover, we output an efficient tracing mechanism.

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