An origami heat radiation fin for use in a stretchable thermoelectric generator

Momoe Akuto, Eiji Iwase*


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Recently, some studies have addressed the use of a folded substrate to realize stretchable electronic devices including stretchable thermoelectric generators (TEGs). However, the utilization of the folded substrate as a heat radiation fin has not been achieved. Herein, we have proposed the construction of a TEG with an origami-like folded structure substrate called an "origami-fin" that can achieve a high heat radiation performance and is also highly stretchable. The origami-fin increases the stretchability of the TEG by bending a non-stretchable material into a folded shape, and it also works as a heat radiator because of its large surface area compared to that of a flat structure. We evaluated the heat radiation performance of the origami-fin and the stability of the performance when it was stretched. The results demonstrate that the origami-fin works as a heat radiator and enhances the output of the TEG, while also exhibiting a high stretchability with only a slight output reduction.

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