Analysis of sleep environment in Japanese young people

Hiroshi Yasuoka, Shigeka Shioji, Takeshi Sato, Maki Kato, Shoji Igawa

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    It is one of the most important to create an optimal sleep environment. People who lived irregular hours, i.e. shift workers, global communication tasks, typically obtain 1–2 hour less sleep than the generally accepted target of 8 hours per day. Shift work has become increasingly common in the modern globalized economy. Many work settings such as factory work, service industries, power plants, internet communication management, health care and emergency services require shift work that includes work at night. Furthermore, not only shift workers but also young smart phone device users often experience an extended period of acute sleep deprivation at the start of a new day. Most sleep deprivation studies using complex cognitive tasks require the participants to complete the tasks alone. It was effected human health care and learning performance in young people. The purpose of the current study was to investigate how sleep environment changes between high school student and university student. Jissen Womenn’s Uiversity Ethics Committee approved this survey. There were 831 students (male: 387, female: 444) participate in this study. It was 16 sleep questionnaire items on our web server, i.e.: depth of sleep, difficulties in waking up, quality and latency of sleep, negative affect in dreams, and sleep irregularity, etc. It was collected data during our course activity. There was no significant difference sleeping pattern in between high school and university student. Additionally it was on roughly the same level sleeping conditions of them. However it was a tendency toward to sleep deprivation onto nocturnal life. In the current report we present results of a prospective study that used objective measures to evaluate sleep, it was consequently sluggishness due to the chronic sleep deprivation, to become a late-night students.

    ホスト出版物のタイトルNew Ergonomics Perspective - Selected Papers of the 10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics
    編集者Sakae Yamamoto
    出版社CRC Press/Balkema
    出版ステータスPublished - 2015 1月 1
    イベント10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics, PPCOE 2014 - Tokyo, Japan
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