Analysis of virtual makeup sensory reactions between young men and women

Takeshi Sato, Hirohi Yasuoka, Shigeka Shioji, Macky Kato

研究成果: Conference contribution


It was well known to apply makeup to get well daily life for especially dementia person. Then it was very important to makeup, enjoying paint own face beautifully for all women. Recent years there were many opportunities to makeup conditions during recruiting occupational period in Japanese university students. They had a training session about makeup and arrangement of hairstyle to best suited to getting jobs. That’s the way that the purpose of this study was to investigate in difference between a man and a woman about virtual image of recruited makeup and hairstyle. There were over 82% student from preliminary survey (n = 145), to learn important events markup for recruiting. There were 22 students (men: 6, female: 16) participate in this experiments to evaluate the 16 image of virtual markup patterns. It was produced the virtual markup images from jKiwi (GPL, OpenSource, ver0.9.5) to according to result of questionnaire markup materials (eye shadow: 2 colors, cheek color: 2 colors, lip liner: 2 color, and basemake: 1 type). It was applied sensory reactions in both pair comparison method and normalized standings methods. Additionally we tried to data acquisition of point of gaze compare two different images side-by-side by using EMR-9 (Eye Mark Recorder, Nac Image Technology, Japan). There was the most popular image of pair comparison method that not too long hairstyle with elastic viewable ear, eye shadow with light brown color than pink, cheek with orange than pink, lip liner with pink than orange. However, it was finding of normalized standings methods that the most popular image was to markup cheek with pink than orange in a confined change. It was observed the different of gazing pattern between men and female that it was more long period of residence-time distribution at mouth in men. Consequently, it was showed that it was mood shift the ill-loved onto heavy using of orange color makeup. It was indicated that perceive a need to worry about what the other person likes in acceptance wide variety for recruiting makeup.

ホスト出版物のタイトルNew Ergonomics Perspective - Selected Papers of the 10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics
編集者Sakae Yamamoto
出版社CRC Press/Balkema
出版ステータスPublished - 2015
イベント10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics, PPCOE 2014 - Tokyo, Japan
継続期間: 2014 8月 252014 8月 28


名前New Ergonomics Perspective - Selected Papers of the 10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics


Other10th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics, PPCOE 2014

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