Application layer multicast with proactive route maintenance over redundant overlay trees

Yohei Kunichika, Jiro Katto, Sakae Okubo

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In this paper, an efficient algorithm to look for backup parents in preparation of parent leaving is proposed for application layer multicasting whose topology is constituted in the shape of a tree from a single source node. In most conventional methods, each child node starts searching for its new parent after its parent node leaves from a multicasting tree. This reactive operation often causes long interruption period. In our proposal, each node holds its parent candidate proactively over redundant overlay trees. Proactive route maintenance leads to smooth switching to a new parent after node leaving and failure, and redundant structure of a multicasting tree avoids exhausting search of a backup parent. Computer simulations are also carried out and effectiveness of the proposed approach is verified.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2004

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