Atom-light interactions in photonic crystals

A. Goban, C. L. Hung, S. P. Yu, J. D. Hood, J. A. Muniz, J. H. Lee, M. J. Martin, A. C. McClung, K. S. Choi, D. E. Chang, O. Painter, H. J. Kimble*


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The integration of nanophotonics and atomic physics has been a long-sought goal that would open new frontiers for optical physics, including novel quantum transport and many-body phenomena with photon-mediated atomic interactions. Reaching this goal requires surmounting diverse challenges in nanofabrication and atomic manipulation. Here we report the development of a novel integrated optical circuit with a photonic crystal capable of both localizing and interfacing atoms with guided photons. Optical bands of a photonic crystal waveguide are aligned with selected atomic transitions. From reflection spectra measured with average atom number, we infer that atoms are localized within the waveguide by optical dipole forces. The fraction of single-atom radiative decay into the waveguide is Î " 1D /Î "â €2â ‰(0.32±0.08), where Î " 1D is the rate of emission into the guided mode and Î "â €2 is the decay rate into all other channels. Î " 1D /Î "â €2 is unprecedented in all current atom-photon interfaces.

ジャーナルNature communications
出版ステータスPublished - 2014 5月 8

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