Attenuation law of disk galaxies by the mega-grain approximation

Akio K. Inoue*


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The attenuation law through the clumpy interstellar medium (ISM) in disk galaxies is investigated. I adopted the mega-grain approximation, in which dusty clumps are regarded as very large particles (i.e. mega-grains), to treat the ISM dumpiness in a 1-D plane-parallel radiative transfer with multiple anisotropic scatterings. Further, a physical model of the dumpiness was introduced as an extention of the multi-phase ISM model. In this framework, the attenuation law is determined by three physical quantities in the ISM: the mean gas density, the mean pressure, and the dust-to-gas ratio. I found that the attenuation law of normal disk galaxies is much steeper than that of starburst galaxies observed by Calzetti et al.

ジャーナルEuropean Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP
出版ステータスPublished - 2005
イベントThe Dusty and Molecular Universe - A Prelude to Herschel and ALMA - Paris, France
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