Built environment design and cancer prevention through the lens of inequality

Mohammad Javad Koohsari*, Tomoki Nakaya, Gavin R. McCormack, Koichiro Oka


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In this interdisciplinary article, we provided an evidence-based discussion on the role of the supportive built environment on cancer prevention. We also extended the theoretical thinking on the built environment-cancer links by raising possible equality challenges. Following the recent call in population-level interventions in cancer prevention, our aim is to encourage readers to think about the important potentials and limitations that are raised from the point of view of the supportive built environments in relation to cancer prevention. We focus on the key links between the built environment and cancer prevention strategies (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and discuss ways in which the built environment may reflect and contribute to inequalities in cancer.

出版ステータスPublished - 2021 12月

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