Cellular localization of thrombopoietin mRNA in the liver by in situ hybridization

S. Nomura, K. Ogami*, K. Kawamura, I. Tsukamoto, Y. Kudo, Y. Kanakura, Y. Kitamura, H. Miyazaki, T. Kato


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The expression of thrombopoietin (TPO) mRNA is observed in several tissues, including liver, kidney, brain, skeletal muscle, intestine, spleen, and bone marrow. Among these organs, the highest expression of TPO mRNA is detected in the liver. We identified cells producing TPO by means of in situ hybridization of adult rat liver using digoxigenin-11-UTP-labeled cRNA probes. We found that the cells expressing TPO mRNA also expressed serum albumin mRNA. TPO mRNA was detected in parenchymal cells (hepatocytes) but not in non-parenchymal cells (including endothelial cells, epithelial cells, and so forth). To determine the location of TPO expression in embryogenesis, sections of fetal mice were further analyzed by in situ hybridization. TPO mRNA was detected only in hepatocytes of fetal liver, which was also the major site of hematopoiesis. The expression of TPO mRNA in fetal liver was observed from 12.5 days postcoitus. Northern blot analysis showed that mouse liver transcribed the same size of TPO mRNA in the fetus and in the adult. These results clearly demonstrate that hepatocytes are the primary site of TPO production in the liver from fetus to adult.

ジャーナルExperimental Hematology
出版ステータスPublished - 1997 7月 30

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