Changes of physiological functions in rats induced by immobilization stress

Takao Kuriyama*, Katsutaka Oishi, Hitosa Kakazu, Kazuhiko Machida


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A study was conducted on the changes of physiological function in rats due to immobilization stress. Male Fischer rats (SPF) of 32 weeks of age were housed in individual cages for 4 weeks. Then all rats were immobilized by stainless wire mesh for 6hours daily for 3days. Blood was collected before the 1st stress immediately after the 1st stress, immediately after the 3rd stress and the day after the 3rd stress. The results of this experiment were as follows: (1) The total leukocyte counts in the blood of the rats after the 1st trial was significantly higher than that before the 1st trial. (2) The percentage of lymphocytes in the blood after the 1st trial was significantly lower than that before the 1st trial, whereas that of neutrophils was significantly higher. (3) Correlations between phagocytic activity and superoxide production of neutrophils by histochemical NBT reduction assay showed significantly a positive correlation before the 1st trial. However, no significant correlations were observed in immediately after the 1st trial and the 3rd trial. The day after the 3rd trial, a positive correlation was observed again. These correlations showed that an unsuitable state of the neutrophil function was induced by the immobilization stress. (4) Serum biochemical profiles were affected by the immobilization stress. Also, GOT, GPT, LDH, CK and UA were increased after the 1st trial, whereas, TG, TP, ALB and ALP were decreased after the 1st trial. T-CHO was increased only immediately after the 3rd stress. These results suggest that immobilization stress affected blood cells and serum components, and then the host defense and physiological functions were damaged respectively.

ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Hygiene
出版ステータスPublished - 1998 1月

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