Characterization of (112̄0) textured ZnO films fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering

Takahiko Yanagitani*, Shin Ichi Tomohiro, Takuya Nohara, Mami Matsukawa, Yoshiaki Watanabe, Takahiko Otani


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Using a conventional RF magnetron sputtering system, we have obtained two types of ZnO films on various kinds of substrate. One is a film with the c-axes of crystallites unidirectionally aligned in the substrate plane {(112̄0) textured film}, The other is a film with c-axes parallel and perpendicular to the plane (mixed texture film). The former is expected to realize a shear wave transducer on the surfaces of various materials. The alignment of c-axes of crystallites in the plane was then carefully investigated by the X-ray pole figure analysis. The elastic anisotropy in the film has been successfully measured by the Brillouin scattering methcd. The (1120) textured film did not excite the elastic waves; however, comparatively strong shear waves were actually excited by the mixed texture film.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2004 5月

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