Characterization of estrogen receptor in estrogen-dependent transplantable rat pituitary tumor MtT/F84

K. Yamamoto*, M. Aihara, S. Hayashi


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    Properties of nuclear and cytosolic estrogen receptors (ERs) were examined in a new transplantable rat pituitary tumor designated as MtT/F84, of which grow this stimulated by estrogen. The optimal incubation conditions of both nuclear and cytosolic exchange were found to be at 37°C for 15 min and at 25°C for 2 hr, respectively. Molybdate increased a specific binding of estradiol (F2) as determined by [3H]E2-binding assay. Sucrose density gradient analyses of crude cytosol revealed specific peaks of radioactivity in both 4-5S and 8-10S areas. How ever, only a single 5S peak was present in 0.4M KCl-extractable nuclear ER. Molybdate also enhanced the stability of cytosolic 8-10S receptor in density gradient sedimentation behavior. Scatchard plot analysis for nuclear ER yielded a single class of binding sites with a dissociation constant (Kd) of 0.317 nM and the maximum number of binding sites (NBS(max)) of 25.4 fmol/mg protein. Saturation analysis of [3H]estrogen binding to cytosolic ER also yielded a straight line with a Kd of 0.146 nM and NBS(max) of 58.5 fmol/mg protein. The effect of E2 administration on the intracellular distribution of ER was also examined. A marked disappearance in the ER binding in cytosol with a concomitant increase in binding in nuclear fraction was found after the administration of the unlabeled E2 in vivo, whereas the total number of ER did not change. Thus, it is concluded that properties of ER in the MtT/F84 were very similar to those in other target organs such as uterus and pituitary gland.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 1990

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