Commercial application of the treatment of S Zorb flue gas into sulfur recovery device

Ningfei Sun, Xiaochang Li, Junfang Cheng, Jichang Geng, Jun Li

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The stable gasoline produced by two sets of catalytic cracking units of CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Company ( Huizhou Petrochemical Company) is treated by S Zorb unit. The proportion of product catalytic cracking gasoline in gasoline pool is over 85%. Because of the high benzene and olefin content of catalytic cracking gasoline,the blending ratio of low olefin and low benzene content components should be increased to meet the requirements of ethanol gasoline blending index. Combining with the properties of FCC gasoline and the status quo of industrial units in Huizhou Petrochemical Company,the deep processing application of light,medium and heavy fraction of FCC gasoline,medium fraction as reforming pre-hydrogenation admixture and light and heavy fraction as blending components of gasoline pool is studied. The test results show that the optimization distillation segment of medium fraction of FCC gasoline is 65 ~ 155 ℃,and the properties of pre-hydrogenated product meet raw material specification of reforming unit. Furthermore,the aromatics potential content increases by about 4 percentage points. The properties of FCC gasoline in which the medium fraction is took out 50% are that the content of benzene decreases from 0. 83% to 0. 65%,and octane number improves appreciably,but the content of olefin is unchanged basically,and other main properties meet gasoline Ⅵ specification.

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ジャーナルPetroleum Refinery Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2019 5月 15

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