Comparing vr-and ar-based try-on systems using personalized avatars

Yuzhao Liu*, Yuhan Liu, Shihui Xu, Kelvin Cheng, Soh Masuko, Jiro Tanaka*


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Despite the convenience offered by e-commerce, online apparel shopping presents various product-related risks, as consumers can neither physically see nor try products on themselves. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies have been used to improve the shopping online experience. Therefore, we propose an AR-and VR-based try-on system that provides users a novel shopping experience where they can view garments fitted onto their personalized virtual body. Recorded personalized motions are used to allow users to dynamically interact with their dressed virtual body in AR. We conducted two user studies to compare the different roles of VR-and AR-based try-ons and validate the impact of personalized motions on the virtual try-on experience. In the first user study, the mobile application with the AR-and VR-based try-on is compared to a traditional e-commerce interface. In the second user study, personalized avatars with pre-defined motion and personalized motion is compared to a personalized no-motion avatar with AR-based try-on. The result shows that AR-and VR-based try-ons can positively influence the shopping experience, compared with the traditional e-commerce interface. Overall, AR-based try-on provides a better and more realistic garment visualization than VR-based try-on. In addition, we found that personalized motions do not directly affect the user’s shopping experience.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2020 11月

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