Complexation constants of lanthanide ions with poly(methacryl1c acid] and its copolymers

Hiroyuki Nishide, T. Izushi, H. Arai, N. Yoshioka, E. Tsuchida*


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Complexation of some lanthanide ions with poly(methacry1ic acid) and its copolymers was studied by potentiometric titration. Poly [methacrylic acid-co-oligo(ethy1ene oxide)rnethacrylate] and poly(methacrylic acid-co-acrylamide) formed tris-carboxylate coordinate lanthanide complexes with large overall complexation constants, while poly- (methacrylic acid)s and copolymer with higher content of the methacrylic acid residue formed bis-coordinate ones. It was concluded that the comonomer residues in the copolymer chains decreased the steric hindrance for the complexation and/or acted as co-coordinating groups of the carboxylic group to lanthanide ions. Very large positive and favorable entropy changes were observed for the complexation with poly(methacry1ic acid) and its copolymers. This contribution of thermodynamic parameters to the complexation was contrary to that for the analogous monomeric methacrylic acid complex and is assumed to be induced by dehydration of the polymers through the lanthanide ion complexation.

ジャーナルJournal of macromolecular science. Chemistry
出版ステータスPublished - 1987

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