Conclusions and Future Directions

Kinji Mori*


研究成果: Chapter


This concluding chapter summarizes the discussions presented in various parts of the book. The concepts of technology systems have shifted from a centralized technology system concept, which has the premise of the totality of system structure functions and objectives and the value of efficiency in a system, to autonomous decentralized system (ADS). In the concept-oriented R&D approach, the technologies are flexibly considered without adherence to their conventional classification of technologies, and innovative technologies can be developed as a fusion of technologies. In the concept-oriented R&D approach, the chain of technologies and markets is pursued through the operation in utilizing products and services under the consistent concept. Users are in the local market with their own culture and society, but they use globalized and localized products and services.

ホスト出版物のタイトルConcept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology
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