Correlations of psycho-physiological parameters influencing the physical fitness of aged women

E. Bretz, D. E. Kóbor-Nyakas, K. J. Bretz, N. Hrehuss, Z. Radák, Csaba Nyakas*


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Regular assessment of psycho-physiological parameters in aged subjects helps to clarify physical and mental conditions which are important in the prevention of health-endangering events to assure a healthy aging. Thirty older care female residents consented voluntarily to participate in the study. The somatic and psycho-physiological parameters recorded were handgrip force, disjunctive reaction time, balance control and whole body movement coordination, the electrocardiogram and heart rate variability. Significant correlations were found between (a) reaction time and balance control efficiency (r =-0.567, p < 0.009), (b) reaction time and movement coordination accuracy (r =-0.453, p < 0.045), (c) cardiac state and movement coordination accuracy (r = 0.545, p < 0.016), (d) cardiac stress and cardiac state (r =-0.495, p < 0.031), and (e) cardiac stress and force (r =-0.822, p < 0.045). In conclusion, for the aim of establishing basic battery tests for assessing psycho-physiological condition of physical fitness our results emphasize the importance of systematic physical activity, endurance and strength training supporting muscle force, balance control and whole-body movement coordination, in addition to improving the cardiac stress index level. The strong interrelation among these parameters allows the drawing of a more complete view regarding the health condition of aged individuals.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2014 12月 1

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