Current knowledge about pyruvate supplementation: A brief review

Robert A. Olek*, Sylwester Kujach, Zsolt Radak


研究成果: Review article査読


Pyruvate is a three-carbon ketoacid that occurs naturally in cells. It is produced through enzymatic reactions in the glycolytic pathway and plays a crucial role in energy metabolism. Despite promising early results, later well-controlled studies of physically active people have shown that pyruvate supplementation lasting more than 1 week has no ergogenic effects. However, some data suggest that ingested pyruvate may be preferentially metabolized without accumulation in the bloodstream. Pyruvate exhibits antioxidant activity and can affect the cellular redox state, and exogenous pyruvate can influence metabolism by affecting the acid-base balance of the blood. This brief review focuses on the potential effects of pyruvate as a supplement for active people. The current state of understanding suggests that studies of the effects of pyruvate supplementation should prioritize investigating the timing of pyruvate intake.

ジャーナルSports Medicine and Health Science
出版ステータスAccepted/In press - 2024

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