Design of a motion-based gestural menu-selection interface for a self-portrait camera

Shaowei Chu*, Jiro Tanaka


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Self-portraits allow users to capture memories, create art, and advance their photography skills. However, most existing camera interfaces are limited in that they do not support life-size previews, deviceless remote control, and real-time control over important camera functions. In this paper, we describe a new self-portrait camera system and develop a gesture interface for self-portraits. This self-portrait camera system supports life-size projection of a preview as well as a motion-based gesture system to select menu options to control camera functions including the shutter trigger, aperture size, shutter speed, and color balance. We experimentally evaluated the gesture-recognition accuracy and examined the effectiveness of the system compared with a hand-held remote control. The results suggest that the gesture-based interface is effective for controlling self-portrait camera options and improves the user experience when taking self-portraits. The gesture interface is expected to be useful in developing next-generation self-portrait cameras.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2015 2月

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