Development of a miniature undulation pump for the distributed artificial heart

Yusuke Abe*, Toshiya Ono, Takashi Isoyama, Shuichi Mochizuki, Kiyotaka Iwasaki, Tsuneo Chinzei, Itsuro Saito, Akimasa Kouno, Kou Imachi


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Research of the distributed artificial heart is important not only to acquire the means of individual organ perfusion but also to clarify the characteristics of the organ and the mechanism of blood distribution. To investigate the distributed artificial heart, the miniature undulation pump was developed. The outer diameter and the thickness of the developed pump were 38 mm and 11 mm, respectively. The priming volume of the pump was 3.2 ml. The total size including the motor unit was 38 mm in diameter and 32 mm in length. The total weight was 67.5 g. The total volume was 27.5 ml. The pump was driven with pulse width modulation by using a 1 chip motor controller. More than 5 L/min of continuous output could be obtained. The results showed that the developed miniature undulation pump system had enough performance for individual organ perfusion.

ジャーナルArtificial Organs
出版ステータスPublished - 2000

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