Development of a support system for creating disaster prevention maps focusing on road networks and hazardous elements

Kaname Takenouchi*, Ikuro Choh


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As a disaster prevention measure based on self-assistance and mutual assistance, disaster prevention maps are being created with citizen participation throughout Japan. The process of creating disaster prevention maps is itself a disaster prevention measure that contributes to raising awareness of disaster prevention by promoting exchange and cooperation within the region. By focusing on relations between road networks and hazardous elements, we developed a system to support disaster prevention map creation that visualizes roads at high risk during a disaster and facilitates the study of evacuation simulations. This system leads to a completed disaster prevention map in three phases. In the first phase, we use a device with GPS logging functions to collect information related to hazardous elements. In the second phase, we use Google Maps (“online map,” below) to visualize roads with high evacuation risk. In the final phase, we perform a regional evaluation through simulations of disaster-time evacuations. In experimental verifications, by conducting usability tests after creating a disaster prevention map in the target area, we evaluated the system in terms of simple operability and visibility. We found that by implementing this series of processes, even users lacking specialized knowledge regarding disaster prevention can intuitively discover evacuation routes while considering the relations between visualized road networks and hazardous elements. These results show that compared with disaster prevention maps having simple site notations using existing WebGIS systems, disaster prevention maps created by residents while inspecting the target area raise awareness of risks present in the immediate vicinity even in normal times and are an effective support system for prompt disaster prevention measures and evacuation drills.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021 12月

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