Development of cursor movement control software for people with physical disabilities

Takashi Watanabe*, Takuro Hatakeyama, Toshihiro Okuyama, Noriyuki Tejima


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    Objective. This work focused on controlling the cursor movement of pointing devices for people with physical disabilities. The purpose of this work was to produce cursor movement control software (CMC), which can be adapted to residual abilities of people with physical disabilities. Main Content. A cursor movement was considered to be vector space and the amount and the direction were controlled. The CMC was written with VisualC 2008 to have some cursor movement control patterns. The CMC materialized the following three cursor control modes. The separate control mode: This is the control mode that can consider arbitrary directions to be upper, lower, the left and the right direction in each cursor movement. The bidirectional mode: This is the controlled mode so that the cursor can move vertically or horizontally if it is within a set area. The alternative mode: This is the control mode with movement on one plane, vertically or horizontally, regardless of the movement angle of the cursor. Results and Conclusion. The separate control mode suggested for users with excursion limit by joint contracture or muscular atrophy to enable individual applications via all four cursor direction movement controls. The bidirectional mode suggested that more certain and practical cursor movement operations were possible for users with involuntary or dexterity deteriorate as well as excursion limits. The alternative mode suggested that cursor operation was possible by bidirectional physical movement even if users with progressive diseases excursion limits worsen.

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