Distributed proxies with fast handover support for a PURSUIT based networking architecture

Zhiwei Yan, Jong Hyouk Lee*, Yong Jin Park


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    As a typical Information-Centric Networking solution, Publish-Subscribe Internet Technology (PURSUIT) presents a flexible networking architecture for the domain based content management and source-routing based content addressing. However, with the development of mobile Internet, how to extend PURSUIT for supporting efficient and scalable mobility management is vital for its actual deployment. In this paper, we propose a new mobility management scheme for both a subscriber and a publisher in a PURSUIT architecture. The proposed scheme is based on a proxy, which is dynamically selected in a distributed manner at the branching point. A network based fast handover procedure is also integrated to guarantee a mobile user’s better handover experience in the proposed scheme. Based on our designed analytic model, the performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated. The numerical results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can reduce the handover latency compared with that in the basic PURSUIT case. Besides, the required handover preparation time and the induced extra signaling cost are also analyzed.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 2016 1月 1

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