Effect of blending on the dielectric breakdown of polyethylene

Hironaga Ono*, Naoshi Hirai, Yoshimichi Ohki


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To look for a possible way of improving the electrical properties of non-crosslinked polyethylene (PE), an attempt was made to investigate the effect of blending two different PEs on the dielectric breakdown. It was found that dielectric strength is now lowered by blending two different PEs at 90°C. However, the blended PEs show a slightly lower breakdown strength at room temperature than the unblended PEs. It was suggested that a larger conduction current and a larger amount of space charge are responsible for this decrease in breakdown strength.


ConferenceProceedings of 2001 International Symp. on Electrical Insulating Materials (ISEIM 2001) / 2001 Asian Conf. on Electrical Insulation Diagnosis (ACEID 2001) / 33rd Symp. on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials and Applications in Systems

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