Efficient CO2 conversion to CO using chemical looping over Co-In oxide

Jun Ichiro Makiura, Sota Kakihara, Takuma Higo, Naoki Ito, Yuichiro Hirano, Yasushi Sekine*


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CO2 conversion to CO by reverse water-gas shift using chemical looping (RWGS-CL) can be conducted at lower temperatures (ca. 723-823 K) than the conventional catalytic RWGS (>973 K), and has been attracting attention as an efficient process for CO production from CO2. In this study, Co-In2O3 was developed as an oxygen storage material (OSM) that can realize an efficient RWGS-CL process. Co-In2O3 showed a high CO2 splitting rate in the mid-temperature range (723-823 K) compared with previously reported materials and had high durability through redox cycles. Importantly, the maximum CO2 conversion in the CO2 splitting step (ca. 80%) was much higher than the equilibrium conversion of catalytic RWGS in the mid-temperature range, indicating that Co-In2O3 is a suitable OSM for the RWGS-CL process.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2022 3月 17

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