Expert system for XPLE cable deterioration diagnosis and life forecasting

Masahiro Asari*, Shinichi Iwamoto, Tatsuki Okamoto, Hiromasu Fukagawa


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    The recent increase in the demand for power in urban areas has caused changes in the way power is supplied. Underground distribution systems have been introduced for convenience in urban areas and to prevent injuries in case of a crisis. As a result, many new types of power cables are being used. One type, XPLE cables (also called CV cables) have been rapidly taking the place of conventional cables such as OF or SL cables since the 1960s because of their relatively easy installation and maintainability. However, distribution cables used under severe environmental conditions deteriorate rapidly (due mainly to water treeing), and some cables experience insulation breakdown. Therefore, many diagnostic methods have been developed, though they have not been very effective. By combining methods, a high reliability can be achieved in comparison to the use of a single method. However, processing the data is difficult for on-site personnel, so many experts are required. But there is a lack of qualified experts, hence we have turned to the development of expert systems.

    ジャーナルElectrical Engineering in Japan (English translation of Denki Gakkai Ronbunshi)
    出版ステータスPublished - 1992

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