Fabrication of Passive Thin Film Capacitor by Using Semiconductor Technology

Ichiro Koiwa, Kinya Ashikaga, Makoto Terui, Yasushi Shiraishi, Noritaka Anzai, Takashi Ohsumi, Tetsuya Osaka, Tomoya Kumagai, Yoshimi Sato, Akira Hashimoto

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Recently, there has been a strong demand for smaller electronic devices with improved. About 60% of the area is occupied by the passive components for packaging. To overcome this limitation, an embedded capacitor was prepared using semiconductor technologies and the process technology of ferroelectric random access memories. Eight micro capacitors were prepared in a 2 mm2area. Two types of high dielectric constant material were used. The first one is Barium Strontium Titanium oxide (BST) for focusing high capacitance with high loss, and the other is Strontium Bismath Tantalum oxide (SBT) for focusing low loss with medium capacitance. The micro capacitor with BST, whose dielectric constant (ε) was 350, showed about 3200 pF at 0 bias and its loss, tanδ, was a little lower than 0. 01. The one with SBT, whose e was 51, showed 470 pF, and its tan δ was about 0. 001. It is concluded that micro capacitors with the requested characteristics were prepared.

ジャーナルJournal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging
出版ステータスPublished - 2005

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