Finger Click Detection Using a Depth Camera

Hani Karam*, Jiro Tanaka


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Selection mechanisms are an essential tool for designating elements in a User Interface. The advances in Natural User Interfaces promoted the selection mechanisms from devices such as the mouse, to more natural methods such as hand gestures. Recently, depth sensors became widely available, and paved the way for new methods of hand gestures recognition. In this paper, we present Depth Click, a new approach of finger click detection using a depth camera. Our proposed method provides natural interactions in terms of selection mechanisms, and goes beyond that in allowing the clicks to be used for actions other than selection. Our technique proved to be fast, reliable and flexible. This paper explains the algorithm we used to detect the finger clicks in detail. We explain about some preliminary experiments for evaluating the accuracy of our approach, as well as its detection rate. Finally, we discuss the results of the evaluation.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2015

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