Functional Diversity of Class XI Myosins in Arabidopsis thaliana

Takeshi Haraguchi, Kohji Ito, Zhongrui Duan, Sa Rula, Kento Takahashi, Yuno Shibuya, Nanako Hagino, Yuko Miyatake, Akihiko Nakano, Motoki Tominaga

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Plant myosin XI acts as a motive force for cytoplasmic streaming through interacting with actin filaments within the cell. Arabidopsis thaliana (At) has 13 genes belonging to the myosin XI family. Previous reverse genetic approaches suggest that At myosin XIs are partially redundant, but are functionally diverse for their specific tasks within the plant. However, the tissue-specific expression and enzymatic properties of myosin XIs have to date been poorly understood, primarily because of the difficulty in cloning and expressing large myosin XI genes and proteins. In this study, we cloned full-length cDNAs and promoter regions for all 13 At myosin XIs and identified tissue-specific expression (using promoter-reporter assays) and motile and enzymatic activities (using in vitro assays). In general, myosins belonging to the same class have similar velocities and ATPase activities. However, the velocities and ATPase activities of the 13 At myosin XIs are significantly different and are classified broadly into three groups based on velocity (high group, medium group and low group). Interestingly, the velocity groups appear roughly correlated with the tissue-specific expression patterns. Generally, ubiquitously expressed At myosin XIs belong to the medium-velocity group, pollen-specific At myosin XIs belong to the high-velocity group and only one At myosin XI (XI-I) is classified as belonging to the low-velocity group. In this study, we demonstrated the diversity of the 13 myosin XIs in Arabidopsis at the molecular and tissue levels. Our results indicate that myosin XIs in higher plants have distinct motile and enzymatic activities adapted for their specific roles.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018 11月 1

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