Fuzzy approach for assignment problem

Shamshul Bahar Yaakob, Junzo Watada

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    In workers' evaluation and placement, numerous workers with different skills and expertise may share the same role in an organization, making it hard to select appropriate workers based merely on the assignment relation between role and a job. To bridge the gap between abstract roles and real workers, this paper proposed a workers' placement model capable of evaluating workers' suitability for a specified task according their performance, social and mental factor. For this type of problems, an analysis using a fuzzy number approach promises to be potentially effective. In order to make a more convincing and accurate decision, the relationship among workers is included in the workers' assignment in an industrial environment. Finally candidates are ranked based on their suitability grades to support decision makers in selecting appropriate workers to perform the job. Numerical examples are also presented to demonstrate that the workers' relationship is an important factor and our method is effective for the decision making process.

    ホスト出版物のタイトルIEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
    出版ステータスPublished - 2009
    イベント2009 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems - Jeju Island
    継続期間: 2009 8月 202009 8月 24


    Other2009 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
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