Green multicore-SoC software-execution framework with timely-power-gating scheme

Masafumi Onouchi*, Keisuke Toyama, Toru Nojiri, Makoto Sato, Masayoshi Mase, Jun Shirako, Mikiko Sato, Masashi Takada, Masayuki Ito, Hiroyuki Mizuno, Mitaro Namiki, Keiji Kimura, Hironori Kasahara


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We are developing a software-execution framework based on an octo-core chip multiprocessor named RP2 and an automatic multigrain-parallelizing compiler named OSCAR. The main purpose of this framework is to maintain good speed scalability and power efficiency over the number of processor cores under severe hardware restrictions for embedded use. Key to the speed scalability is reduction of a communication overhead with parallelized tasks. A data-categorization scheme enables small-overhead cache-coherency maintenance by using directives and instructions from the compiler. In this scheme, the number of cache-flushing time is minimized and parallelized tasks are quickly synchronized by using flags in local memory. As regards power efficiency, to reduce power consumption, power supply to processor cores waiting for other cores is timely and frequently cut off, even in the middle of an application, by using a timelypower- gating scheme. In this scheme, to achieve quick mode transition between "NORMAL" mode and "RESUME POWEROFF" mode, register values of the processor core are stored in core-local memory, which is active even in "RESUME POWEROFF" mode and can be accessed in one or two clock cycles. Measured speed and power of an application show good speed scalability in execution time and high power efficiency, simultaneously. In the case of a secure AAC-LC encoding program, execution speed when eight processor cores are used can be increased by 4.85 times compared to that of sequential execution. Moreover, power consumption under the same condition can be reduced by 51.0% by parallelizing and timely-power gating. The time for mode transition is less than 20 μsec, which is only 2.5% of the "RESUME POWER-OFF" period.

ホスト出版物のタイトルICPP-2009 - The 38th International Conference on Parallel Processing
出版ステータスPublished - 2009
イベント38th International Conference on Parallel Processing, ICPP-2009 - Vienna, Austria
継続期間: 2009 9月 222009 9月 25


名前Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel Processing


Conference38th International Conference on Parallel Processing, ICPP-2009

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