HGX: the anatomy of high growth exporters

Stjepan Srhoj, Alex Coad*, Janette Walde


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Previous work has found that a small number of export superstars contribute disproportionally to the economy’s overall exports. Differently from export superstars, this study is the first to define high growth exporters (HGXs) (that are not export superstars) as a new firm category. We provide their economic importance and depict their micro-level anatomy. By tracking HGXs in Croatia for over a quarter of a century, 44 out of 100 export superstars in 2019 were previously HGXs. HGXs represent only 0.5% of all firms and 18% of high growth firms (HGFs) in the economy, but are responsible for about 25% of new exports and 5% of new jobs. During their growth episode, HGXs hire more employees from technology intensive industries with previous experience in exporting. They often hire on a single year work contract, and more frequently send new employees to work abroad. HGX also increase their presence in more advanced markets, increase the number of new export products and decrease their reliance on the largest product or largest export market. We argue HGXs represent an under-researched category of firms.

ジャーナルSmall Business Economics
出版ステータスAccepted/In press - 2024

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